We Launched Our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog. Here, U.S. Tax IQ professionals will post their provocative thoughts on current developments and keep an open dialogue with the tax community who wishes to comment and engage in intellectual and stimulating tax discussions.

The purpose of this blog is to keep the discussion alive. We love what we are doing and we hope that we can share that passion of ours with you, the Reader and active contributor. We will also answer questions and comment on others’ provocative thoughts and ideas.

Please note that no discussion in this blog, including any answers to any of the questions or our comments, represent tax advice. Any taxpayer interested in qualified tax advice should consult their own tax advisor. Furthermore, we do not take any responsibility for any comments posted on this website as any such comments are of general nature and solely represent views of a tax professional making the respective comment or answering the respective question, and not necessarily those of U.S. Tax IQ.

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