Our Process

Establishing a strong process for managing clients’ tax matters is crucial. It streamlines operations, reduces errors, and builds client confidence. This systematic approach fosters trust, ensures regulatory compliance, and minimizes legal risks. In summary, a solid process enhances reliability, professionalism, and client relationships.


We’ve invested substantial effort into refining our processes, an ongoing journey that centers around ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. To provide clarity on our approach and what you can anticipate, we’ve outlined the key steps below:

Initial Consultation Process

We recommend you do preliminary research to be comfortable knowing you’re speaking to a qualified U.S. tax advisor. You can review our credentials, experience, and clients’ testimonials on our website and Google reviews. Based on your research, you can make a decision on whether you would like to trust us with your cross-border and U.S. tax concerns.

Our Initial Consultation process starts with scheduling a meeting (in person, by video or by phone). You can choose a desired duration for the consultation, although we would typically recommend a particular length of consultaiton, depending on your tax issue. Because we actually provide you actionable advice and consulting in the first meeting, we do not provide free consultations. As such, you will need to make the payment at the time of scheduling.

During the initial consultation, we will provide our recommendations and preliminary advice, as well as a fee estimate for any future work. At the end of the meeting, we will typically expect you to make a decision on whether to retain us to do the work. When you decide to retain us, we will proceed with the engagement setup and retainer invoice, as applicable. If you decide not to retain us, you will leave the meeting with an undertanding of your options and how you could proceed. Please be prepared to make a decision. Note that there is no penalty for saying “no” – we fully understand that our services are not for everyone. We are here to help, and you should only work with someone you like and trust.

After we addressed preliminary administrative matters, we will review your facts and documents (as applicable), ask you additional questions, and try to understand your objectives and tax issues you are facing and would like to resolve.

We will provide an overview of applicable tax and legal framework so that you understand the tax treatment applicable to your facts and circumstances.

At this point, we will identify and review potential tax exposure and any other tax issues that may need to be addressed in your situation.

We will then review options available to you to address your tax issue or to solve your tax dilemma.

We will, of course, address all your questions. Note that in rare cases, we may need to follow-up after the meeting in case we may need to confirm certain tax treatment.

At this point, we will provide you with our recommendations and tax guidance on addressing your tax issues. If we believe that additional work may be warranted, we will recommend it. Otherwise, you may have everything you need to address your tax concerns based on the Initial Consultation.

We will also provide a fee estimate for any additional work, in case we determined it may be required in your situation.

In the end of the Initial Consutlation, we will ask you to make a decision to retain us (in case any additional work is needed). When you decide to trust us with your tax concerns, we will start the client onboarding process. If you decide to retain someone else or do not engage us due to any reason, you will have an understanding how to proceed further based on tax advice and recommendations provided during the meeting.